It is fair to say that over the past 20 years equal opportunities have been a main priority on this list of most employers especially stainless steel pipe engineering companies. Working conditions have had to adapt and involve to let all people no matter what there age, ability, race, religion, gender or disability to be able to work within the engineering companies. Age discrimination is the latest edition to the concept of equal opportunities in a work place.
 This is to protect people who are over 50 from being discriminated against in the ball valve (Kugelhahn) engineering environment. It is to make sure that new workers are not employed to replace the people who are over 50. Since this law has come in people who have retired have often returned to work in the same job that they did in the past but on a temporary basis. The ability of a person with disabilities also has to be taken into consideration when employing a disabled person, for instance if a person requires wheelchair access this should be provided, along with facilities, such as a toilet which is adapted to accommodate.

If a person requires a work station to be adapted to enable them to work to their full potential then this should also be adapted. This makes the person with the disability feel valued. When interviewing for work the Race of a person should not affect the final decision with regards to employment. This means that a person cannot be discriminated against on the grounds of colour, nationality, race, religious beliefs or ethnicity. Harassment of a race nature often occurs when the discrimination is over looked, and this allows for a hostile environment. If this is allowed to continue then this often evolves into victimisation, when the victim of harassment finally complains and then is treated less fairly than others of a different race. However over the last 20 years the laws which have been put in place to protect people from this have worked and this is less of an issue now than ever it was before.

There are a variety of laws which apply to the equal rights of both males and females in a work place. This means that an engineering company should offer the same training to both genders. Ie. If a woman is working in stores (keeping check of stock) and a man is working beside her doing the same job, then they should have both received the same training and should be receiving the same amount of pay. Engineering companies must adhere to these rules as they are also law. If an engineering company decides to ignore the pay issue for example and pays the man more than the woman, then the woman has the right to dispute this and take the issue to a tribuneral. There is a variety of laws which applies to all engineering companies within the UK and protects all workers within the UK. Engineering companies are just one of the companies within these perimeters that the law affects.